About Me


Midwestern by day/Southern by night. Raised in New Orleans. Had a four year affair with Chicago in the mid-2000s. Currently living in Santa Barbara, CA.

When I'm not working, you might find me at the movies, listening to music, exploring, thinking about working, or spending time with family and friends. RIP to my long time collaborator, Tigger, who moved on to that big litter box in the sky in December 2019 at the age of 21.

BA in Visual Arts (Film, Photography, New Media) from Loyola University New Orleans

Featured in the Atlantic as part of their American Dream series.

Featured in Architectural Digest as part of a feature on champagne bars in the US.

Currently pursuing software engineering. I have strong fundamentals in JavaScript (Node, React, TypeScript), HTML, and CSS.

Professional Background

I've been working professionally for over 10 years, went freelance in 2015, and transitioned to software development in 2022. The majority of my photo experience comes from being a staff or freelance photographer for auction houses and fine art institutions. This involved studio work, under tight deadlines, collaborating across departments with various teams, while focusing on quickly making the best image possible of a stationary object, mostly antique furniture, fine art, textiles, silver, etc.

My specialty has been art objects, still lives, and products, but I've had the opportunity to work with some great people to solve their architectural, portrait, and event photography needs.

Work with Me

While I'm not booking future photo jobs at the moment, if you have a fun and compelling upcoming project and/or would like to discuss software engineering, I'm up for talking with you. I'm always open to new connections.

My portfolio here represents a small selection of what I produced as a working photographer.  Currently my photo work is only focused on personal projects, which is a welcome change and huge motivator.

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